Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Starting Seeds Indoors

On February 8 we started some of our seeds indoors.  I know this may sound early to some, but these plants are intended to go into the high tunnel, which should give us about a 4-5 week jump on the outdoor garden.  I'm using Jiffy seed trays with domes because they came with the "self-watering greenhouse" kit I bought a few years ago.  I will never use those kits again.  The little peat pellets that are supposed to go right into the ground and decompose, do not decompose!  I'm still digging up those things from two years ago.  The trays however, are quite perfect for starting seeds.

I am using store-bought seeds this year instead of mail- order. I save a bunch of money this way, but we will see if they are as successful. In the past I have spent a fortune on seeds and shipping costs. I have to shop around a bit more to find what I'm looking for, but I'm helping the local economy and saving on shipping fees.  

I'm using a soil made specifically for seed starting. 

I filled the trays with soil, planted my seeds according to packet instructions, and sprayed them liberally with water. The trays were then covered with their fitted domes and arranged on a table with flourescent lights hanging just above them. 

The lights are on a timer and automatically turn on for 14 hours per day. Everyday I water the trays and move them slightly so each side is getting its share of light. 

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