Monday, February 10, 2014

Let the 2014 gardening begin!

Well, February has arrived and unfortunately Spring is nowhere in sight.  We've had a ridiculously long and cold winter with way more snow than usual, but that doesn't stop gardeners from thinking about Spring.  Like so many others, I'm itching to play in the dirt!  I've decided to keep a blog journal of my garden this year.  I must begin by declaring that I'M NO EXPERT.  I grew up on a farm, but doing farm chores is not the same as knowing how to grow a garden.  This will be my fourth year of gardening on my own.  It's been an exciting and educational project.  I learn so much from year to year and yet I always feel like I have so much more to learn.  So this journal may contain some gardening errors, in which case you will benefit from learning from my mistakes.

Last year we built high tunnels.  We finished them in October and threw some seeds in the ground at the last minute to see if anything would happen.  Of course we were too late, but we managed to grow some greens nevertheless.  So this year we must begin by preparing our high tunnel gardens.  The ground is still frozen (even in the high tunnel) and there's about a foot of snow on the ground, so we can't do much.

You may have to enable something on your computer to view this video of our chickens enjoying the greens in the high tunnel while the rest of their world is covered in snow:
We started last month by letting a few of our chickens enjoy some green grass between their toes and dirt beneath their feet in the tunnels.  It's the only place on Wopsy Mountain where you can find green grass right now - or anything green for that matter.  The poor chickens hate snow and haven't been able to scratch and nibble foliage for months.  So the chickens get to eat some leftover greens in the garden, scratch and scare up a few bugs, and leave some deposits of fertilizer in the soil.

Note about using fertilizer:  It is recommended that you stop using manure fertilizer at least 90 days prior to harvest.  So these chickens won't get to enjoy our garden again until fall.

Tune in next time for SEED STARTING INDOORS.

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