Saturday, February 25, 2012

Leftover chili

My fellow vegetarians will agree, I'm sure, that sometimes we find it difficult to order something yummy at a restaurant that isn't a salad or pasta.  I have been vegetarian for two years now, and though I don't miss meat - I do sometimes find my mouth watering for things like chili cheese fries on a restaurant menu. When this happens I come home and figure out a vegetarian version of that item.  This one was simple:  I took leftover vegetarian chili (recipe I will soon share) and blended it with my emulsion blender until it was fairly smooth.  Then I heated tater tots in the oven (because I was out of fries) and served the chili on top of the taters with a bit of grated cheddar on top.  Even my very picky carnivore son approves of this simple meal!  We first had it during the Super Bowl, but it has become a regular in the Wolfe household.  

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