Monday, February 2, 2009

Craftsman Degrees

If you follow our blog you know that Tamar and I recently attended Imaging USA, a.k.a. the Professional Photographers of America's annual convention. While we were there we received our Photographic Craftsman Degrees. This is a degree earned by teaching photography to other professional photographers at PPA affiliate organizations. Tamar and I have been traveling around the country for the past two years giving programs on marketing, thus earning the merits required for this degree.

What does this mean to you, as a client? It shows you our dedication to the profession of photography. While photography is a hobby on the weekend for some people, it is a career and passion that we not only continue to study ourselves, but also share what we have learned to help other professional photographers as well.

So when you see our awards and degrees, know this: we are competing, studying and teaching photography because we want to rise to the top of this profession. We are not content to sit back on our knowlege that we possess today, but we strive to continually grow and become more creative so that our images will be powerful and unforgettable.

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