Monday, November 24, 2008

A great new discovery

So Tamar and I ventured out to Hollidaysburg BEFORE the freezing rain this morning to have lunch at the coffee shop and see ART 4, the new art gallery in town. OMG, this is the most fabulous gallery I've ever seen in this area! If you haven't yet discovered ART 4 you have to stop in and visit Jody and Sue in the diamond area of downtown Hollidaysburg. It's so unique and so fun you will absolutely LOVE it. I wanted to buy everything. The cool thing about ART 4 is that you can buy items for as little as $3. They have everything from fun pen holders made from stone to furniture that will be the conversation piece of the room. I especially loved the scarves that were unlike any I've ever seen and the really cool pottery.

If anybody reading this wants to buy me a gift for Christmas, go there!

And for the record, they are not really open on Mondays but Jody took pity on us as we peered longingly through the windows and she let us in to look around while she was working on stuff in the back.

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