Monday, May 28, 2007

Travel Review

It has been a year of much travel starting in January when I went to San Antonio for Imaging USA. This is a picture I took of the Riverwalk at night. I had a blast there with 7000 other photographers from around the world. Check this out, I made the website!!!

I had the opportunity to attend several programs put on by some of the best photographers in the world and I gained some valuable knowledge. The trade show was outrageous! I was able to check out some new cutting-edge products that I am now offering to my clients. The international print exhibition was almost too much to take in. There are few things more inspiring than looking at award-winning images created by outstanding artists. I came home with so many new ideas for my business!

It just so happened that an ice storm hit the city while we were there and we got to stay a couple extra days because we could not get a flight out. It was actually colder there than it was back home in PA!

In March I spent a week at the Triangle Institute of Professional Photography also known as TIPP. I assisted Jen Hillenga for the week. Her program was awesome! I learned so much and really enjoyed getting to know Jen. She is an amazing photographer and a super fun person to hang out with. Check out Jen's website at .

In April I went back to my home town in N.C. to visit family for Easter weekend. I was able to spend a little time down by the river photographing egrets. I miss the beach!

I also attended the state convention at the PP of PA where I entered four prints in the annual print competition. I did really well this year with a print called "Madeline" which won Best of Show, Best Non-Master Image, Best Portrait of a Child, and the Kodak Gallery Award. I'm very excited to have "hit the jackpot" this year with an image of Julie's baby. Julie is my assistant and her daughter has become my favorite model. As you can see, she is gorgeous and I plan to win many more competition awards with images of her!

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